About Us

Custom Care Wear has brought the life back to heat & cold therapy. Therapeutic packs assist in pain relief and relaxation. Now, they’re beautiful and functional!

Every pack is made with YOU in mind. Vibrant colors, fun patterns and durable seams means your pack will be bringing you joy now and in the future!

Our thoughtfully designed heat packs keep your style in mind while they hold the heat and cold without the sweating or use of covers on ice packs.

We use rice and top of the line 100% cotton fabrics (we do not claim the rights or affiliation to any licensed color fabrics). The filling we use provides the type of moist penetrating heat chiropractors recommend.

 With each beep of the microwave or glimpse of the glorious pack coming from your freezer or cooler, you will know comfort and relaxation are on the way. Use your pack from head to toe and immediately feel a difference!

Warm Wishes,

Haley "The Heat Pack Lady"

Sewer & Artist

Special design and Wholesale branding orders are encouraged by contacting our design team at customcarewear@gmail.com